Aged Pine Bark

Our aged pine bark ranges from 3" and smaller in size and has deep rich color. It has various applications from mixing into the soil, to mulch. Aged pine bark has excellent moisture retention, and yet can provide much needed drainage, and erosion control.

$45.00 per yard

Double Ground Cedar Mulch

Our double ground cedar mulch is 2" and smaller in size and is excellent for mulching around trees, flowers, and or pathways. It's great way to retain and conserve water, and it decays very slowly.

$35.00 per yard

Hardwood Mulch

Our hardwood mulch is 2" and smaller in size and is excellent for landscaping and mulching around trees, flowers, and vegetables. It's great way to retain and conserve water, and as it slowly decays it will enrich your soil.
$35.00 per yard

First Ground Cedar Mulch

The size of our first ground cedar is 6" and less in size. It's great for landscaping large areas and can be used for heavy traffic areas. The larger size means it will stay put during heavy rains, and will decay slowly.
$25.00 per yard

Cotton Burr Compost

Our cotton burr compost is 1/2" and smaller is size, it's also 100% manure-less and loaded with nutrients and micro-organisms. It's one of nature's perfect soil conditioners with excellent moisture retention.

$45.00 per yard

Turkey Compost

Our turkey compost is 1" and smaller in size. It's rich in nutrition and nitrogen, its excellent for tilling into your natural soil, or use as top dressing. It's an excellent soil amendment use it in your gardens, flower beds, and lawns.
$45.00 per yard

Grower's Mix

Our growers mix is 1" and smaller in size. This is a versatile product with plenty of nutrients that can be used to grow flower, trees, and vegetables. You can mix it in with your soil, or use it like it is with out worrying if it will burn your plants.
$40.00 per yard

Kiddie Cushion

Our Kiddie Cushion is used in play areas where sand or gravel may not be suitable. Made from kiln dried pine shavings.

$31.00 per yard

Top Soil

Our top soil is a sandy loam product. Best used in raised bed gardens or areas where natural soil is limited or not available. It is an excellent material to blend with our mulches and compost for all your growing needs.
$28.00 per yard

50/50 Mix

Our 50/50 mix is a mix of 50% top soil and 50% cotton burr compost. An excellent source of material for your raised beds gardens.

$42.00 per yard

Decomposed Granite

Our decomposed granite is approximately a 1/4" to dust in size. It is used for pathways, sidewalks and driveways where a more natural setting is appreciated. It packs into a firm base and is a great substitute for a concrete non-structural foundation.
$50.00 per yard